Cdl Driver Traffic Violation Testimonials

I have been a Member since May 2016. I was involved in an accident near Tallahassee FL. I was charged and cited for the accident. Through my TVC Membership I obtain Legal representation with the provided attorney and received a 25% discount. The Attorney did a Great Job with the Courts, her Preparations for the Hearing to Dismiss the Citation along with her assistance in Preparing myself were excellent. She got the Motion To Dismiss Granted before Court even started yesterday. Great Job.
Your service was very beneficial to me as a professional Driver for over 25 years.

-Ron H 11/1/2016

Tvc is a great company. I was involved in a collision where neither party was cited, but the evidence was clear. The other driver turned into me. Tvc told me to have my companies insurance company to stay home, that TVC was going to fight for them. Tvc won plus got me $3000.00 in damages, like lost wages and travel expenses, and my company rep $1000.00 in damages plus equipment repair. Tvc is awesome. I would recommend to ANYONE!!!

-Denver Co 8/28/14 R. Dowling

Back in 2011 0n October 22nd I was driving my personal vehicle in Washington state. I got a laser lock doing 82 in a 60 zone.. I have used TVC before and had great success. In This case I had peace of mind. I just called TVC forwarded all the appropriate information.

The day after my court date I got a call and my case was dismissed. A few days later I had paperwork from attorney showing case dismissed! Thanks to TVC my driving record is intact, saving me hundreds in cash on insurance rates. BEST Investment I've made to Protect My Career."

-Ryan G 9/11/2013

"In 2011 I was Fined $7,200 on an over-sized load. I gave the violation over to TVC & ended up with a $100 donation to the children's outreach program. I couldn't believe they got all the fines & Points Dropped with only a donation. I would really advise any driver to use TVC Legal Services to save your license."

-William A. 5/30/2013

"I Have been with TVC for the past 3 years. Even though I travel 48 states my home is in California. TVC helped me in California with a speeding ticket 65 /55 reduced to a parking ticket and another in Idaho 75/65 reduced to a small car or class c ticket with rights to traffic school. Thanks to TVC I have no points on my CDL"

-Ana M Owner/Operator 5/08/2013

"I was driving in the state of Arkansas empty. Officer said I was speeding 78 mph. I could have went to jail but I called Tvc and the lawyer got it reduced to defective radar."

-Robert  H. 5/30/2013

""I was stopped at the scales in California, and received several violations ranging from speeding, logbook, and equipment. The total fines assessed were $1,400. TVC got the fines reduced to $76 and no points on my CDL. I am a three year member."

-Dwight S.

"I rolled my truck in Mo. do to being cut off by a 4 wheeler. However I was ticketed for failure to control my vehicle with sufficient lane use. TVC went to bat for me and got my ticket reduced to a defective muffler." Thank you Tvc

-Lee M. 4/11/2013

"I was going through a flashing caution light and and a trooper pulled me over and said is was a red flashing light. I refused to sign the ticket and got arrested! TVC Bonded me out for $2,500 on the spot and within 24 hours they went to court and it was thrown out in 20 minutes!"

-David G 08/12/2010

Dear TVC -
I recently received a letter of disqualification of my commercial driver's license. I had been with another company for 3 - 5 years. I called them on this matter, and they informed me they could not handle anything in the county in which I received the ticket. It disheartened me to think that the service I had been paying for all those years would not do anything to help me. Then I heard of TVC and I called them. Within 3 weeks they helped me keep my commercial driver's license, and it didn't cost a big amount of money. Thank you, everyone at TVC."

-Sincerely, C S

“Pro-Driver is the real deal…”

“TVC Pro-Driver is the real deal. I received a speeding ticket for driving 90 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone, but TVC got me off with no points on my record.”
- Patrick E.  2019

“I’ve never been disappointed…”

“I’ve been with TVC Pro-Driver for over five years. I’ve never been disappointed once, and I’ve had a few tickets. I highly recommend this service to anybody that wants to protect their commercial license.”
- Issac G. 2019